An IOT platform is a key factor while developing innovative connected products. IOStash lets you tackle this by providing a rock solid foundation to build upon.

Connect, analyse and integrate from a single platform

Connect any device using any protocol and access the data from your applications in realtime with a protocol of your choice, IOStash virtually converts your device into a powerful data API, complete with realtime data streams and persistence.

Power of simplicity

IOStash provides an end-to-end platform for bringing together the IoT world - allowing devices to connect and applications to use the data from the connected devices seamlessly as if they're API's. Multiple data access API's makes integrating IoT with existing applications as easy as it gets.

Issue a simple /POST request with the following from your device to save data

Header Fields x-access-token: ACCESS_TOKEN_HERE Body fields { "dataPoint1": value, "dataPoint2": value .... }

Subscribe data from your devices as if it is an API

iostash.init('ACCES_TOKEN_HERE') iostash.subscribeDevice('DEVICE_ID_HERE',function(data){ console.log(data) //Process your latest device data });

Power of options

Multiple interconnection options including REST, MQTT, Websockets and CoAP makes it easier to design and implement your products. Connect super low power devices to processing mammoths, IOStash integration API's lets you connect your devices and applications seamlessly and hassle free

Or publish the data via MQTT:

On connection Username: ACCESS_TOKEN_HERE Password: YOUR_PASSWORD To the topic /ACCESS_TOKEN_HERE/DEVICE_ID_HERE/ With payload{ "dataPoint1": value, "dataPoint2": value, ...... }

Subscribe data from your devices via MQTT


Standard Feature Set

IOStash implements all core features required by an IoT product, making it possible to go to production using the same code base and platform used for protyping. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, we've already done that!

To know how IOStash can help you, drop us a mail at [email protected] we'll be more than happy to help!