Accelerate your IoT applications with IOStash as the foundation.

IOStash virtually collaborates people, systems, and connected equipments, and utilizes live unified sessions that helps to solve problems in more easier and faster way.



The adoption of IOStash in healthcare could save time for patients and physicians by reducing the need for face-to-face doctor visits. Integrating IoT features into medical devices greatly improves the quality and effectiveness of service. IOStash, allows healthcare systems to establish efficient cross-device connectivity and implement smart features into medical devices and related software systems

Connected Automotive systems


IoT presents with a wide range of ways for us to drive and stay in touch with the world around at the same time. IOStash is highly scalable and can easily handle thousands of connected vehicles simultaneously, as well as automatically balance out peak loads in cloud service usage.

With IOStash, it is easy to enable new services, and manage different service plans and user groups.  Cloud-based infotainment solutions from IOStash provides with optimized logistics and tracking of the vehicles.

Home Smart Home


IOStash acts as a perfect middleware that allows home owners to monitor and control a wide range of useful applications such as improved energy efficiency, access control, security, home monitoring and home care.

Assertively integrate your home appliances with IOStash to make your life much simpler.

Industrial Automation


Industrial automation being one of the acute applications of Internet of Things, IoT platforms have come up with profound innovative ventures in this field. IoT facilitates and controls the manufacturing production facilities, helps in real time communication between the machines making the entire system interconnected.

IOStash serves as a control hub for such connected production facilities. IOStash is easily integrated with a wide range of sensors, controllers, actuators and machines enabling many-to-many correlation between them.



Prolific build-up of the IoT in agriculture, smart farming applications are gaining ground with the promise to deliver continuous visibility into soil and crop health. IOStash acts as a crucial middleware technology that makes agriculture IoT field much easier.

IOStash rationalizes the development of smart farming systems to a fine tuned level.

Smart Energy Solutions


The future calls for smart and highly reliable power grids. Real-time data collection and analysis of data marks the key features of modern power systems. The Internet of Things proposes solutions to balance out the increasing sophistication of the energy distribution networks and achieve real-time visibility into the energy consumption.

IOStash provides features for smart energy solutions with both speed and seamless interoperability. IOStash helps to cluster and manage data in real-time over secure network connection.